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Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends. Full Cast and Crew. Release Dates. Official Sites. Company Credits. Technical Specs. Plot Summary. Plot Keywords. Parents Guide. External Sites. User Reviews. User Ratings. External Reviews. It is then that Lucy finds her and asks her for her help in deciphering the strange writing written upon her father's memento. Back at Lucy's apartment, Levy says that the letters on the rod say "Time is etched and then chaos descends" in ancient Ptolemaic language, and watches as Lucy finds a book in which she has heard the utterance before.

Levy then expresses shock when she hears that the rod is one of the pieces to an ancient clock. Levy eventually joins Macao, Wakaba and Romeo in their fight against Coco ; despite her attempts at fighting with her Magic, all her spells are deflected towards her allies, courtesy of Mary Hughes ' use of Command Magic.

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When Fairy Tail decides to separate into teams in order to gather the five remaining clock parts, Levy teams up with Panther Lily, Jet and Droy. Hiking up a mountain, they find Gajeel training, and after the man completes his session, the group sets out once more with Gajeel in tow. The team climbs a mountain in search of the clock part while Panther Lily flies beside them. When they finally reach the top, exhausted, the clock part is nowhere to be found.

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  5. Levy then lays down, exhausted, as Gajeel begins digging for the part. Panther Lily orders the rest to search for the part while he keeps Samuel busy.

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    By digging, Gajeel opens the entrance to a lower room with weird faces and finds some symbols which, according to Levy, mean "I'm hungry. Although Levy insists that she reads what is written below the part before touching it, Gajeel ignores her and grabs the iron part, causing the clock part's guardian to appear before them. The guardian attacks Levy and the others, causing Levy and Gajeel to start arguing, but Levy soon notices that the red object on the creature's head must control its movements and attempts to stop it.

    Performing a combination attack with Jet and Droy, they attempt to create a path to reach the red object. However, when Jet and Droy fail to reach it, Levy is determined to do it herself, only to be stopped by Gajeel, who attempts to go after the red object himself, though he fails as well. When Gajeel attempts to eat the iron part in order to restore his energy, he and Levy argue once again but Gajeel soon realizes that the creature is not after the Fairy Tail Mages, but the clock part itself. Knowing this, he throws the part to an ignorant Levy and soon heads after the red object on the guardian's head and destroys it, along with the guardian itself.

    At the same time, Panther Lily beats Samuel, who is utterly confused about his wrong calculations, prompting Levy to comment that there are many different kinds of Exceeds. As the group returns home with the clock part, Levy states Panther Lily and Samuel should be friends as they're of the same species. They soon notice that Samuel is following them; Levy tells the Exceed that they won't give him the clock part. They and the other search parties arrive and prepare to fight against Byro Cracy ; Levy uses Solid Script: Fire against him but like the others, her Magic is nullified.

    Wendy's Magic -

    However, before their battle can escalate, all the clock parts assemble before Levy and the others, forming the Infinity Clock. As it chimes a deafening sound, a group of six people arrive at the scene. In the midst of the discussion, Kinana awakens and carves runes on the wall. Levy reads the runes and discovers that it is written in an ancient language before translating it. As the Guild continues to discuss their plans, Cana decides to pair everyone into groups to search for the Dark Guild.

    Levy, along with Freed and Jean-Luc , stays at the guild to try and decipher the secret of Real Nightmare. Levy later asks Bisca about the relationship between Gildarts and Byro; Bisca replies that Byro and Gildarts haven't said a word to each other. She and her guildmates then say goodbye to the Legion Corps, promising to meet them again. Levy rejoins Shadow Gear with Jet and Droy.

    After Fairy Tail decides to enter the Grand Magic Games , she goes to the beach alongside others from the guild so as to train and build up her strength in time for the Grand Magic Games. When Erza senses and attacks an unknown presence at the hot spring, she is the one that points out that it might be Natsu and the others trying to peep on them. Three months pass in the real world during their one day excursion there, and they completely lose their training time. Levy watches in horror as Natsu writhes around on the floor in pain as a part of the Magic Power-increasing process.

    While everyone is discussing the competition, she remarks that the competition is never the same, and when Makarov tells Erza that she has to read the rule book, Levy explains the three main points of the book. They are all surprisingly greeted by Mavis Vermillion, who has also come to watch the Games and cheer for her guild. Mavis notices the man disguised as Mystogan is Jellal, but accepts Makarov's decision to let him participate.

    During Lucy's fight against Flare Corona , she, alongside her guildmates, cheers for Lucy, completely oblivious to the fact that Flare has taken Asuka hostage. After Fairy Tail's good performance on the third day of the Grand Magic Games, the guild once again heads out to celebrate at a bar. After encouraging Lucy to give it a shot and receiving Lucy's excuse of not wanting to due to her wearing of a skirt, Levy quickly points out that Erza has been barrel surfing in a skirt the whole time.

    As the guild parties on, Levy mentally comments that when she closes her eyes, she can remember all of these times together, seemingly directing this thought at Lucy. As the party continues, Levy finds Erza, Wendy and Lucy, telling them about a popular leisure center in Crocus that she has heard about. As they have fun, Lyon and Gray get into a fight and freeze the pool, with Natsu utilizing his own Magic to try and melt the ice.

    Wendy Marvell

    He puts in far too much power though, and ends up blowing the center sky high, Levy being flung in the explosion and landing completely confused at the events that have taken place. At the end of the fourth day's event, Naval Battle , as Lucy and Minerva of Sabertooth stand as the final two competitors, Levy notices that Minerva's true aim is not to win, but torture Lucy; she watches as the woman repeatedly retrieves Lucy from the edge of the water sphere with her Magic. During the starting battle of the fourth day, Levy, along the rest of the guild, is shocked as it is revealed that the rabbit from Blue Pegasus is Nichiya.

    Upon Natsu's victory, Levy cheers loudly with her teammates. Afterwards, she goes to visit Lucy in the infirmary where she says happily that they may win the Grand Magic Games at the rate they're going. She then asks about Gajeel but is told he's not there. When the final day of the Games gets under way, Team Fairy Tail enters the arena while Levy stands in the crowd with the rest of Fairy Tail, cheering for the team representing their guild.

    While Mavis explains what she's done to cause them to do so, as well as to secure their victory, Levy listens in along with Romeo and Makarov. After that, Levy and the others are shocked when they see that Kagura is the one Erza encounters before Minerva, contradicting Mavis' strategy. She tries to ask Mavis about this, however the First Master begins crying over her miscalculation.

    As the battle continues, Levy watches as Gajeel is continuously brutalized. However, Gajeel's eating of Rogue's shadows warrants Levy's full curiosity as she wonders what is happening. After the Grand Magic Games have come to a close, the King of Fiore accumulates all of the Mages from all the guilds to acknowledge them of the impending disaster and what the Kingdom plans to do to combat against the calamity. The King continues by requesting their assistance against the Dragons who will survive the Eclipse Plan; Levy and all the other Mages loudly declare that they will help.

    As preparations begin, the date changes to July 7, which Levy notes to be the day the Dragons disappeared in X The Dragon then attacks, sending the Mages flying back with his powerful Dragon's Roar.

    Dual Element Dragon Slayer Magic

    Levy and the other Mages are invited to a large banquet at the Royal Palace several days following their defeat of the Future Rogue Cheney , where she and the rest of Shadow Gear converse. Levy and Fairy Tail return to Magnolia following the King's banquet and is met with critical acclaim by the citizens. Shadow Gear return from a mission, just to find the entire guild focus on the current issue: the rebellion of the Zodiac Celestial Spirits and their seek for "perfect freedom".

    After Crux updates them on the situation, Yukino informs the guild about a ritual called Liberum that she found in an ancient test, in which Levy requests from her. When they suggest gathering more info, Levy notes that the Magic Library contains and vast collection of books. There, through the use of her Gale-Force Reading Glasses, the group skims through the books until they're interrupted by Eclipse Virgo. As Lucy and Happy hold her off, Levy and Yukino continue the search and ultimately deduce that the Celestial Globe , the essential Magic Item for Liberum, is indeed in the library.

    Levy then successfully finds it, just to be stolen by Virgo, who uses Natsu's sudden arrival to flee. As they decide to search for Astral Spirytus , the location where Liberum can be performed, Levy informs Lucy that if the rite is completed, the Spirits will have only twelve days to live before dying.

    As they begin the search, they encounter Hisui and Arcadios , mistaking them for the king.

    The two then reveal that they're aware of the current events due to their investigations, with Hisui revealing the Celestial Spirit Banishment Keys that will help force close the gates. Suddenly, the keys are stolen by Eclipse Pisces. As the Son lead Natsu and Happy astray, Levy and Yukino start their battle against the Mother, with Levy's att acks turning with no effect.

    She then watches as Yukino summons her spirits, Polaris and Deneb , with the latter finally overwhelming the spirit. As the Mother rises once more, Arcadios starts clashing with her, much to the girls' impress. After Lucy's attack turns ineffective, she is saved by the arrival of Natsu and Happy. Following the reunion, Pisces return and manage to steal the globe before running away. After Arcadios reveal that he still have the real keys, Levy and her comrades ready themselves to search for Astral Spirytus. As she witnesses the battle of Leo and Natsu, Levy wonders if the ritual is completed.