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This song is about the most beautiful city in the world. This city is a prostitute She has red spots on her forehead Her teeth are made of gold She's fat and yet so lovely Her mouth falls to my valley when I pay her for it She takes off her clothes but only for money The city that keeps me in suspense Moscow One, two, three! Moscow Look!

Pioneers are walking around there, 1 singing songs to Lenin. She is old and nevertheless beautiful I can't resist her I can't resist She powders her old skin and has gotten her breasts rebuilt rebuilt She makes me horny I suffer torment She dances for me I have to pay I have to pay She sleeps with me but only for money It's still the most beautiful city in the world Moscow One, two, three! Pioneers are walking around there, singing songs to Lenin.

I see something, that you don't see When you close your eyes 2 When you sleep deeply in the night I see something, that you don't see When you kneel before me When you lie before me I see something, that you don't see When you touch me with your mouth When you talk to me I see something, that you'll never see One, two, three!

Moscow One, two, three! There are or were counterparts in many other communist countries, including East Germany. A sailor is always hospitable! So the storm drove you too on this barren rocky beach? I was no luckier: only a few miles from here is my home: I was almost there when I had to turn about. Say, where are you from? Are you damaged?

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Driven on by storm and ill winds I rove the seas - how long, I can hardly tell; I no longer count the years. It is impossible to name all the lands that I have found: the only one I long for I cannot find - my homeland!

Grant me a short stay in your house, and you won't regret your friendship. With treasures from every land and zone my ship is richly laden, if you'll agree, you'll profit by it. Can I believe you? Ill-luck seems to have dogged you. To help you I'll offer what I can: but - may I ask what your ship holds?

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Gastfreundschaft kennt der Seemann! So trieb auch doch der Sturm an diesen nackten Felsenstrand? Mi ging's nicht besser: wenig Meilen nur von hier ist meine Heimat; fast erreicht, musst' ich aufs neu mich von ihr wenden. Sag, woher kommst du? Hast Schaden du genommen? Soll deinem Wort ich glauben?

Ein Unstern, scheint's, hat dich bis jetzt verfolgt.


He open the chest Look and satisfy yourself of the value of what I offer for a friendly roof. Is it possible? This treasure! Who's rich enough to give a price for it? I have just named it: all this for one night's shelter! Yet what you see is but the smallest part of what is stowed in my ship's hold.

What use is treasure? I have neither wife nor child, and my home I shall never find! All my riches I offer you, if you give me a new home with your family. Did I hear aright? My daughter his wife? It is his own suggestion! I almost fear that if I hesitate he may change his mind.

I don't know if I am awake or dreaming. Can there be a more welcome son-in-law? I'd be a fool to miss this chance! I'm delighted with my luck! Doch, was du siehst, ist nur der kleinste Teil von dem, was meines Schiffes Raum verschliesst. Was frommt der Schatz? Ich habe weder Weib noch Kind, und meine Heimat find ich nie! All meinen Reichtum biet ich dir, wenn bei den Deinen du mir neue Heimat gibst. Meine Tochter sein Weib? Er selbst spricht aus den Gedanken! Kann ein Eidam willkommener sein?

A pitiless fate pursues me, torment was my only companion. I shall never reach my homeland, what good to me is gain of wealth? Just consent to our union, then take my treasure! DALAND Yes, stranger, I have a lovely daughter, devoted to me with the true love of a child: she is my pride, my greatest blessing, my comfort in misfortune, my joy in success. I am moved by your grim fate; generous as you are you show a noble heart and mind: I would like my son-in-law so; and were you not so rich, I'd still choose no other. Shall I see your daughter today? When from my terrible anguish my longing for grace drives me on, dare I cling to the one hope left to me?

Ihm treu, wird sie auch treu dem Gatten sein. Werd ich die Tochter heut noch sehn? Darf ich in jenem Wahn noch schmachten, dass sich ein Engel mir erweicht? Of the torments that bemuse my brain, have I at last reached the end?

Ah, without hope, as I am, I still give in to hope! Truly, I have only to grasp what he so generously gives me. You winds who brought him to this coast, I bless you! Ha, what all fathers seek, a rich son-in-law, is mine! Yes, to a man so rich and noble, I gladly give my house and daughter.

Hallo ho ho ho ho! The wind's set fair, the sea is calm. We'll weigh anchor now and speedily sail for home. The wind is fresh but my crew are weary. I'll give a short rest and follow on. Ohne Hoffnung, wie ich bin, geb ich mich doch der Hoffnung hin!

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Sogleich die Anker lichten wir und segeln schnell der Heimat zu. My ship is fast, we'll overtake you for sure.


You may still see my daughter today. How the sails swell already! My maiden, were there no south-wind, I could never come to you. Mein Schiff ist schnell, es holt dich sicher ein. Er gibt ein Signal auf der Schiffspfeife Frisch, Jungen, greifet an!

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On the back wall hangs a portrait of a man with pale face and dark beard, wearing a black cloak.