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It's been an ongoing journey that we are lucky to witness, an act that helps us learn about ourselves as well. Years later, there would be an autobiography that struck us to the bone with its stark honesty, and a Broadway production marrying that book to a solo show. Most recently, we can point to the bold remembrances that frame the songs in his directorial debut, Western Stars.

This night marks Springsteen's first official Asbury Park concert in decades guest appearances and Stone Pony surprises aside — before all those rehearsal performances and holiday concerts in Convention Hall, from on. Like the Freehold performance, the three shows here took cues from Springsteen's past.

Belfast was a straight-up Joad show, but with its sense of place, Freehold set the stage for the Boardwalk: with only five selections from the Tom Joad LP "Straight Time," "Sinaloa Cowboys," "The Line," and "Across the Border," along with the title track , the Paramount Theatre shows fully embraced Springsteen's own musical history. Lesser played touchstones — "Wild Billy's Circus Story," "Rosalita," and "4th of July, Asbury Park Sandy " — folded seamlessly into the fabric of the usual tour setlist November 24 features four tour debuts: these, plus "Independence Day".

Unlike the rest of the tour, the three-night stand in Asbury featured special guests. Over the three-night run, Bruce invited Scialfa, Tyrell, and Federici along with Big Danny Gallagher, Vini Lopez, and Little Steven to join in on different songs, further exploring the mighty Glory Days of Asbury; this was probably as cathartic for them as it was for fans. At this stage, re-arranging songs was fast becoming one of the more compelling aspects of Springsteen's songcraft.

Known to occasionally build a new song from a line or two of an older one, now he took old songs and made them new — with no better example than the cornerstone of the show, closing the night once again, "The Promised Land. At the end, with his hand keeping rhythm under the dirge-like melody, Springsteen throws his head back, eyes closed, and forsakes the lyrics entirely to an otherworldly, fierce keening.

That song was the dark heart of the night. But this Asbury release reveals a Joad show that had lightened considerably, as Springsteen deftly wove a place for old songs and old friends, and did so with customary flair. Also read: Erik Flannigan's latest nugs. Bruce will appear on Turner Classic Movies on Saturday, November 2, to "guest program" TCM for the afternoon, talking film with Ben Mankiewicz and presenting two of his favorite movies. In addition to the preview clip above, you can see two more at rollingstone. Thirty-five years later, Dr.

A tour. Just for us, artist Frank Caruso has imagined what that night's special trick- and -treat opener looked like at the L. Sports Asylum — er, Arena. Frankenstein's laboratory They tried all sorts of scientific methods, such as the mystery of electricity. Then out of the darkness came The Mystery Man.

Again according to Marsh, Jim McDuffie, who was Springsteen's personal assistant at the time, "came out and presented him with a guitar, and Bruce leaped off the box and cranked into Jerry Lee Lewis's 'High School Confidential. On the audience recording, at the end of the performance, of course you can hear Springsteen — aka Dr. For the 35th anniversary of that Halloween show — and with little visual record of the special opening number unearthed to date — we asked artist Caruso, who collaborated with Springsteen on the Outlaw Pete picture book , to give us his own unique take on what was conjured onstage on October 31, As you can see for yourself, he knocked it out of the park.

Click here to view a larger version of Frank Caruso's illustration. Not only has Frank transformed Bruce, Clarence and Patti into hilarious cartoon versions of the roles they played that night, but he's also "Halloweenified" every other 'period E Street Band member, along with the audience and even the late, great Sports Arena itself. Enjoy an extended period of happy Halloween hunting as you take it all in. This time around he'll be collaborating with Green Day on an adaptation of their song "Last of the American Girls. Look for more details here at Backstreets. Happy Halloween, everybody!

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May the mystery of electricity never blow your jukebox's fuse, and may you keep hoppin' and boppin' through the dark. Because that's where the next morning is… as long as you can make it through All Hallows' Eve.

Catch Steven Van Zandt, Southside and the Jukes, together on November 23 This weekend, Little Steven returns to the stage for what turns out to be a rare appearance this fall, with Saturday night's Boston-area show one of only two Disciples of Soul stops that didn't have to be cancelled for health reasons.

One last chance to catch the tour will be next Wednesday, November 6 in NYC , which is being filmed for release. But that's not your last chance to see Stevie in person this year.

This Ain’t No Video Game, Kid!

Individual tickets are available now via ticketweb. If you'd like to further help the cause, sponsorships and VIP packages are also available, with more info at that link and at TeachRock. All proceeds benefit Steven's TeachRock national K curriculum initiative. If you're among the believers, get there if you can! But it was clear from the beginning that one of the most vocal presences in the audience was there to support the musician inductees on the bill: The Smithereens and Southside Johnny Lyon.

Fortunately, the house band — Jon Bon Jovi's "other" band, the Kings of Suburbia — were more than up for the challenge, interjecting appropriate walk-on music throughout the ceremony and ably backing not only Southside and the Smithereens, but the one and only Darlene Love [above]. The Smithereens were the first musician inductees on the bill, and original members Jim Babjak, Mike Mesaros, and Dennis Diken accompanied the late Pat DiNizio's daughter Liza [together above] onstage to accept the accolade.

Inducting the band was none other than E Street bassist extraordinaire Garry W. According to Tallent, the band's appeal is nothing overly complicated — they're a basic four-piece band who modeled themselves after The Beatles, are "in it for all the right reasons," play "fresh, current pop music," and do it well. Prior to the show, Tallent, who normally assumes a fairly low profile in public appearances, was given a local hero's welcome on the red carpet, beaming as he basked in the unusual glow of an onslaught of microphones and photographers. Speaking of the red carpet, there was much pre-show buzz regarding Southside Johnny — rumor had it that Lyon would neither walk the carpet nor perform.

Well, perhaps some backstage arm-twisting had occurred, because the notoriously curmudgeonly Southside, after accepting his award with usual aplomb, did not bolt for the exit, but instead, to the delight of the audience, walked out to stage right and grabbed a mic. As Lyon has never been one for awards, accolades, or ceremonies of any kind, it was kind of a minor miracle that the Ocean Grove native was even in the building.

That being the case, any performance at all would have been the proverbial icing on the cake. So while the selection of Jukes' signature "I Don't Wanna Go Home" was no great surprise to anyone, it was nonetheless heartwarming to see Lyon trade lead vocals with his friend and sometime unofficial bandmate.

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Jon Bon Jovi, the obvious impetus behind Southside's presence and participation in the affair, was clearly moved. Indeed, in addition to moral support early on, Lyon and the Jukes had occasionally also offered opening slots to a struggling Bon Jovi and a couple of his early bands over the years, and in added him as an honorary band member for a string of shows promoting their collaboration on Better Days. Jon had worked hard and persisted because he "always wanted to be the in Asbury Jukes. For his part, Southside was fairly brief in his comments. Who woulda thought? I'd like to thank the fans, and my mom and dad.

Plus, an exclusive clip of Southside at the Upstage, an outtake from the film After a brief window to experience the documentary in theaters earlier this year, Asbury Park: Riot, Redemption, Rock 'n' Roll is coming to digital on November 1. A once storied seaside resort, Asbury Park erupted in flames during a summer of civil unrest, crippling the town for the next 45 years and reducing it to a state of urban blight. A town literally divided by a set of railroad tracks, the riot destroyed the fabled Westside jazz and blues scene, but from the flames of the burning city emerged the iconic Jersey sound.

Shuttered for four and a half decades, the Upstage remains a perfect time capsule of the Club, which united both sides of the tracks in Asbury and acted as a crucible for young talent. Now, as Asbury Park enjoys its long awaited renaissance, it is music, which has brought it back from the dead. We need More Like Him.

Happy birthday gwtallent! MarkKrajnak ] pic.

Macklemore x Ryan Lewis "WINGS" Official Music Video

The red carpet induction ceremony will be streaming live , beginning at pm Eastern. Last December, Southside Johnny Lyon became the first member of the New Jersey triumvirate to reach the end of his seventh decade. Since becoming leader of the band that bears his name more than four decades ago, he's watched numerous musicians pass through their ranks, witnessed the rise and fall of political leaders on both sides of the Atlantic, experienced the analog-to-digital revolution, and returned to New Jersey after spending time living in Connecticut, California, Tennessee, and Delaware. Springsteen News

But while the winds of change blew around him, his passion for singing and his sense of humor remained undimmed. They were going to put me in the dinosaur museum, but they were afraid my skeleton would be too terrifying for the kids. In advance of his long-overdue induction into the New Jersey Hall of Fame, the road warrior talks to Mike Saunders about the advantages of being an independent artist, the gentrification of Asbury Park, Bob Dylan's radio shows, singing with Tom Waits, ferocious Christians, assorted presidents and prime ministers, Brexit, the decline of Western civilization In Part 2 they discuss his father, his own parenthood, and his voice — "I never cared for my own voice.

I still don't. Listen to it! King also asks Springsteen to respond to 45's recent disparaging comments about him: "Are you surprised that he's trash talking you after all this time? Anything's possible," Bruce laughs. But he goes on to more directly and seriously address the direction of the country:. It's just frightening.

This Ain’t No Video Game, Kid!

We're living in a frightening time. The stewardship of the nation has been thrown away, to somebody who doesn't have a clue as to what that means. I mean, the United States of America is in your care. Do you know what the stakes are? Do you know what that means? And unfortunately we have somebody who I feel doesn't have a grasp of the deep meaning of what it means to be an American. Back on the morning show, King says, "Listen, Bruce Springsteen rarely gives interviews, as you know, but he's very proud of this movie I can't stress enough how good this movie is — it hits theaters today.