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In addition to bringing much cooler air, this low pressure system is acting to destabilize the atmosphere—especially across southern California.

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In addition to this destabilization, the low is beginning to entrain some subtropical moisture which is in turn currently circulating around a separate, weaker low off the coast of Baja California. Collectively, the combination of cold temperatures aloft and increasingly abundant moisture in lower levels of the atmosphere will start to produce scattered showers across far southern California generally south of Los Angeles County later this afternoon.

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  • Rainfall and river flow: weekly reports for England.

Then, as the low moves directly over the SoCal Bight tomorrow, more widespread convective activity including the potential for fairly widespread showers and scattered thunderstorms will likely develop. In addition, given the magnitude of the cold air aloft, I would not be especially surprised to see a few isolated stronger thunderstorms perhaps containing some hail somewhere in SoCal on Wednesday.

Widespread heavy precipitation is also possible across much of the Desert Southwest, including the SE California deserts and Arizona, as a result of this system and its subtropical moisture tap.

Otherwise, however, broad swaths of NorCal will likely stay completely dry for the next days. Unfortunately, this cold low pressure system will also generate relatively strong and gusty winds across NorCal later today into tomorrow.

It Is Wet, Bay Area. And That Really Is Rain

These winds will be associated with falling relative humidity , and will combine to create locally critical fire weather conditions. Neither the winds nor the humidity in this case will be particularly exceptional by themselves—but what is exceptional is the continuing summer-like dryness of vegetation in NorCal. In fact, fuels continue to be at or below record dry levels for the time of year across nearly all of Northern California. Record heat over the past couple of days has not helped the situation, but in general this autumn has actually not been an especially warm one across NorCal.

In fact, coastal parts of the state are currently tracking near or at record dry levels for the autumn to date.

The United States and the Netherlands will vie for the championship. NASCAR had made decent gains on drying the track until the sky opened again roughly two hours before the scheduled p.

The Last Rain by Edeet Ravel

NASCAR is working tirelessly with its patented drying system to sweep the track of water but can't get a long enough break from the rain to do any significant drying. NASCAR has run at Daytona during the July 4th weekend since but is abandoning that tradition in a scheduling shake-up next season. Daytona will instead host the September regular-season finale, while the holiday weekend race will move to Indianapolis Motor Speedway.

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Weather in part made Daytona amenable to surrendering the holiday weekend — every day since the track opened Thursday has been disrupted by either lightning or rain. The field was set by points, with Joey Logano scheduled to start on the front row alongside Kyle Busch. Thick dark clouds dumped heavy rain over Daytona most of Saturday afternoon, spoiling the pre-race pomp and circumstances surrounding the proud NASCAR event.