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Bloodwing: red roan stallion with orange mane and tail, four white stockings, red and orange feathers. Lol you think that's bad, I'm in 8th grade, but I'm doing 5th grade math. Well there are blue horses I'm in 8th too Dragon, and we have this math thing we do on the computer and I'm like doing 4th grade lol. No it's something called Success Maker. Trust me it does not make anyone successful in math. Follow Post Reply. Comment 4. Reply 1. I love this story so much, it's very well written.

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Reply 0. Your welcome Echomoon. Wait what's a green roan? Why didn't I think of that? Is it teaching textbooks? That's what I use. Reply 2. Lol, OK. Soo good!! Log In to Comment. John, whose island sex resort is a prison. The determined and beautiful Kiley Trevor, P. Declan Farrell, earl of Dungannon and the son of the duke of Arlington, is a nobleman of the highest order, dissolute and a thief. A kind touch, a gentle smile, an encouraging word are all wisps of memory from before the acc Description Though most consider him nothing more than a half-breed, Sheriff Rain-Runner Kiel is the only thing standing between the locals and the demonic sect known as the Brotherhood Raised together as boys, Lord Seyzon Montyne and Prince Vindan Brell had shared everything growing up but if Seyzon had what Vindan wanted, the young prince would take it, break it, then toss it away.

Some things never change. Now grown men, Sey The Naughty Literati are a group of author The NightWind hears every whisper, every sigh, every need and he's coming to grant your every wicked, wanton desire.

From the moment she first saw him, Sage O'Banyon thought Blayde McClory was an arrogant ass but his smoking hot body and smoldering gray eyes started a fire in her body that nothing could seem to quench. Being pulled into his strong arms, locked Sexy archdemon Kerreyder Abbadon will fight to have Kenzie Delaney. All he needs to do is take her from the Nightwind incubus Randon Kayle. Nightwinds are not the sharing kind but when it comes to Blood-mates He was the bastard son of the invading king.

She was the daughter of the Black Baron.

Return of the Bloodwind (The Bloodwind Chronicles Book 1)

An ancient prophecy had bound them together long before either ever drew breath. Love would be theirs despite the tremendous odds stacked against them for he was Va Laci lost her partner Taylor Reynaud and now is simply existing, her life em They were sworn enemies. Separate, each was a blazing star in their quadrant of the Megaverse. Together, they were a su Length of employment: 30 consecutive nights.

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Drowning in debt, Melina Wynth is going under for the third time. With a dead-end job and a disabled brother dependent on her, the ad in the paper could be the li Book 13 in the WindVerse series can be read as a stand-alone novel. Drakon Alexandrovich is in deep trouble. The person who assassinated his brother—leaving Drakon next in line for Grand Duke—is now after him.

Though he is Kenyon Farrell can get through a day. It follows him with every ste Brothers reunited. Lovers claimed. Warriors from all over the megaverse coming together in pursuit of a single goal—to combat an evil that would enslave and destroy them all. Amazeen warrioress Penthe will allow no man to best her in battle Ronnie puts his stealth and guile to work as a bounty hunter.

The Bloodwind

Book 9 in the WesternWind series. He also finds Kallista, his mate, the woman the Goddess intends for him, and the only way he can claim her from her disapproving mother is She was exhausted, had the migraine from hell slamming inside her head, and she was nowhere near being finished. While sitting alone at her desk, she hears gunfire i Prince Ruan is in the sights of an assassin who will stop at nothing to kill him.

Major Chastain Neff is a lethal weapon. As one of the elite Lorna Brent has come to the rugged Appalacian Mountains to join her brother Daniel, a priest sent to minister to the people of Tabor Hill.

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Running from a brutal attack, wanting only peace and solitude, she believes she will find it in the picturesque For decades her people have been at war with his. His troops have devastated the land and spread destruction from one end of her country to the other. But the land was not the only thing the infamous Black Baron had destroyed. On a dark night of d An Unholy Marriage: Prince Kaelan Hesar made the mistake of falling in love with a girl of whom his Jarl did not approve and was thrown into prison because of that love.

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His heart broken, his spirit crushed, he was sold in marriage to the highest Taken in chains to the infamous Labyrinth Penal Colony, Syn-Jern is meant never to return to his rightful place as Duke of Winterstorm, an inheritanc He has lost his best friend to a brutal attack and the guilt of surviving is taking its toll on the warrior. In a moment of weakness he walks aboard the Chinook, o The last thing Alpha Agent Mikhail Fallon wanted was a partner and a human partner at that.

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Notes No notes. Trivia The minister seen in this episode is the same man who presided over Savanna Langford 's funeral in " Falco ". Categories :. Swamp Thing.

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Dick Durock. Anton Arcane. Mark Lindsay Chapman.

Jim Kipp. Jesse Ziegler.