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He soon realizes that the mysterious figure who had been appearing and disturbing his family in the past weeks had actually been him, travelling through time, and trying to warn them. He realizes that his efforts are futile. After days of wandering through time, failing to warn himself of the future, he is met by a strange man , who offers some help. Meanwhile, James Highwater is visited by the aliens who gave Animal Man his powers, warning that the story is nearly at an end.

At Arkham Asylum , Psycho-Pirate warns that "they" are coming back, and seems to be spontaneously surrounded by comic books.

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Volume 1 - 2nd and later printings. Signed by Doug Hazlewood - Volume 1 - 2nd and later printings.

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Volume 2 - 1st printing. Written by Grant Morrison.

The Complete Story of Animal Man | Sequart Organization

Cover by Brian Bolland. This volume shows Animal Man moving more and more deeply into the cause of animal rights.

But something else is going on beyond his burgeoning radicalism. Strange visions of aliens, people disappearing into strange pencil-like drawings, and hints of a terrible Crisis lurk around the edges of reality. Softcover, pages, full color.

Animal Man (2011-2014)

Volume 2 - 2nd and later printings. Signed by Doug Hazlewood - Volume 2 - 1st printing.

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Volume 3 - 1st printing. This long-awaited third trade paperback completes the collection of Grant Morrison's legendary re-imagination of Animal Man. Volume 3 - 2nd and later printings. Volume 4 - 1st printing. Written by Peter Milligan. Art by Chaz Truog, and Mark Farmer. Cover Art by Brian Bolland. Continuing Buddy Baker's surreal adventures in these tales, in which Animal Man becomes trapped in a prehistoric jungle in his bathroom, saves his daughter from the villainous Notational Man, and explores the mystery of the dead birds that seem to be everywhere. Volume 5 - 1st printing.

Animal Man : Deus Ex Machina - Vol 03

Written by Tom Veitch. Buddy Baker must make a cross-country drive to reunite with his family in Vermont, but along the way he encounters dangers including the Bear King, a super-human poacher, and an army of robotic soldiers created by S. Plus: The Penalizer leaps from the pages of a popular comic book into action as a real-life vigilante!

Volume 6 - 1st printing. Written by Jamie Delano.


Art by Steve Pugh.