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Weed Identification Fall Classroom instruction and field observation will focus on life cycles, key characteristics, and plant structures. Tips for Turf Diagnosis Fall Learn signs, symptoms, and management strategies to remedy common turfgrass problems.

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Photo Op! Floral Fun September: Krypton Create a themed design, perfect for weekend entertaining, to give as a gift, or just to enjoy at home. Landscape Design II 10 sessions. Meandering through the Meadows of the Brandywine Experience our Meadow Garden through the eyes of the designers that helped bring this garden to life.

Basic Floral Design I Fall 3 sessions.

When and Why should you divide perennials?

If you are a gardener and winter temperatures in your region can dip below —20 degrees, this is the one guide you need. This expanded edition identifies the fifty most popular perennial groups, offers in-depth information on wild and cultivated varieties best suited to cold climates, and rates more than of the choicest plants.

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In addition to the plant data, this book includes a concise course in perennial gardening, from preparing a site and buying potted perennials to composting, watering, mulching, fertilizing, weeding, staking, deadheading, pruning, protecting plants in winter, companion planting, and dealing with disease and insect problems. Owning this guide is like having a professional gardener at your side every step of the way.

Mike Heger, co-owner of Ambergate Gardens in Chaska, Minnesota, is one of the leading experts on gardening in cold climates. Debbie Lonnee, a thirty-year veteran of the nursery industry, works for Bailey Nurseries in Newport, Minnesota. She is a prolific garden writer and lecturer and the horticultural editor for Northern Gardener.

John Whitman is a garden writer and photographer. A beautifully illustrated and in-depth guide showcasing more than plants that actually like growing up here. In addition to the pictures and plant IDs, the book offers a concise course in perennial gardening. In fact, owning this guide is kind of like having a master gardener at your side every day. Armed with this book, a gardener can make informed choices about the best perennials for their northern garden. Growing Perennials in Cold Climates is first and foremost a reference, and it is one you will find yourself reaching for again and again as you plan and care for your perennial gardens.

The Most Popular Perennials 1 1. Home Current Catalogs Blog. View Cart Checkout. Search Site only in current section. Skip to content Free download. Book file PDF easily for everyone and every device. A superb reference for creating a colorful year-round garden. Grant and Carol L. Grant - One of the best books ever written about which trees and shrubs perform best in northwest gardens. The authors are renowned horticulturists and have gone to great lengths to make the book an easy read.

Now in its second edition, this book has been a 'must' for over 40 years. It is a classic, 'Reference Sourcebook on Plant Material'. Better Homes and Gardens: Bulbs for All Seasons by Meredith - What a great reference book on bulbs, whether you're interested in the new, old or unusual.

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This is a book for the average home gardener with ideas on planting; forcing; designs in using various types of bulbs and their year-round care. The bulb photographs make it easy to decide which bulbs you want to include in your garden. This would be a nice 'coffee table' book too! Pruning Made Easy by Lewis Hill - Here's a handy, easy to understand guide to pruning your trees and shrubs. The illustrations show you how to prune and the text tells you when to prune.

Pruning is a great mystery to most home owners, so here's a visual guide to help make pruning easy. There are even suggestions on how to create and prune 'Bonsai' plants. Plenty of 'before and after' illustrations really help you decide the how, what, when, and where of pruning. Sunset Western Landscaping - Landscaping is one of the best investments one can make when owning their own home. In fact, it is estimated that good landscaping can increase the value of one's home by as much as 12 to 21 percent. Here's a book that outlines some ideas on design; special situations; hardscaping; construction of structures; water features and much, much more.

The photographs provide plenty of visual ideas from home gardens in many areas of the West. Planting a new lawn? Wondering which ground covers to use in your garden. Here's a very informative book to help you solve your lawn and ground cover problems. Photographs show basic disease; weeds and maintenance problems and the authors give suggestions on how to improve and correct them. Excellent information is provided on the various varieties of lawn grasses and ground covers. In addition, there is information on how to install an irrigation system.

All About Vegetables by Walter L. Doty - Here's a great reference for growing your own vegetables. Packed with ideas from seeding to harvesting. Soil preparation; location; planting; varieties; care and harvesting are all discussed at a level even the beginner can understand. A 'must' for the average home vegetable gardener. If you live in the northwest or plan on visiting the area and are interested in gardening this is the book for you.

It's a marvelous directory of public gardens; nurseries; emporiums; and all kinds of help for gardeners. Over pages, full of valuable northwest gardening information. Don't forget that neutral colors will work with both dark and bright colors to expand the palette of plant material while maintaining the mood you are creating. Here are two examples of gardens using dark colors:. Bright colors draw attention and make spaces seem smaller. If you have a large space and you would like to make it seem smaller use bright reds, oranges, and yellows in the distance.

This will make the planting seem closer to you. Bright colors are also great for drawing attention to areas you would like to highlight, for instance: a front entrance, featured flower beds, seating areas, or artwork. Bright colors add a festive feeling and put you in a party mood. They are good next to the patio or a deck where people tend to gather for entertainment. Here are two examples of gardens using bright colors:.

I have always tended to be attracted to bright colors, but I was a bit timid in how I mixed those colors together. I tended still do to some extent to be most comfortable combining analogous or monochromatic colors. Then several years ago, I had a bit of a color epiphany, brought on by a giant corally-pink wall that we installed in a garden we use for a trade show. While I love the color, we used a paint color match system to duplicate the color of my winter coat. I wasn't so sure a 15 foot tall, foot long, wall painted that color was the best idea.

However, after painting the wall and placing almost every color imaginable, including salmon, in front of it I realized that you should never be afraid of bright colors. A wider range of colors than you might think will work together, a fact I have to keep telling myself. A huge, bright coral-pink wall might be a bit of overkill, although pretty fantastic; bright pink chairs might just fit the bill. If you are afraid that you might get tired of the color, don't worry. A simple coat of paint changes everything.

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By now the wall has been at least 5 different colors and the chairs have to be on at least their 10th coat of paint. A coat of paint changes everything, from a bright pink party to a soothing blue sanctuary in a few simple brush strokes.

When and Why should you divide perennials?

OK, make that a few gallons of paint. One last point, the most important thing is that you love your garden. If you have to leave these color principles behind to create your dream garden, do it. If you're happy, other opinions do not matter.

To learn more about basic principles of design click this link. Search this site:.

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