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But it's an important marketing tool to help you compete at the right price, which means you can sell faster. A study from the Real Estate Staging Association bears this out. Related: Why Spending Money on Fancy Bath Salts Can Help Sell Your House Helping buyers fall in love with your property takes more than running the vacuum and fluffing the pillows: It's all about decluttering, repairing, updating, and depersonalizing, say real estate agents and stagers.

How to Make Your Home More Valuable and Sell Faster

With help from Fisher and other sources, we've compiled the ultimate home staging checklist. Skip to content.

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In Partnership With:. Coordinated sets, like these pillows, are pleasing to a buyer's eye.

81 Home Staging Tips That Help Buyers Fall in Love

Image: Fluff Designs. The concept behind staging a home for sale is to help present the property in its best light, figuratively and literally. You should also make repairs or replace items in your home which are broken, worn out, or in obvious need of an update.

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  7. For example, electrical outlet covers are inexpensive and should be replaced wherever needed; as should door stops and door handles which appear to be old. Consider re-caulking your kitchens and bathrooms, too.

    Staged Homes Sell Faster And For A Better Price

    Bright caulk gives the appearance of cleanliness, which can help to sell your home. Remember that as you think about moving and buying your next home which, of course, you can now do at very low rates.

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    Talk to a Lender: More than 5 million homes sold in and is looking strong as well. Verify your new rate Nov 11th, What is home staging? A professional home stager is an expert in the art of preparing homes for sale. Estimates are provided free-of-charge.