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We'll examine a range of useful expressions, including 'avoir peur de', 'il y a toutes sortes de' and 'se moquer de quelqu'un '.


We'll also see how to make use of the verbs 'devenir', 'intervenir' and 'se permettre de'. We're looking for someone to help create a website in this lesson - lesson We'll learn some useful computing-related vocabulary. We're looking for someone to help us with a specific task, once again, in this lesson. We'll also learn how to say 'When it comes to A good deed - giving blood, to be precise - is the topic of this lesson, lesson We'll study a variety of expressions, including "I did a good deed We'll also learn the meaning of an amusing expression: 'tomber dans les pommes'.

At first sight, it appears to have something to do with falling into apples but, in fact, means something quite different! We'll see how to say 'What's the matter? Let's get going. Antoine and Linda are visiting the Louvre museum in this lesson. Though it should be an enjoyable outing, Antoine is unhappy about a number of things and is doing his fair share of moaning and groaning. So, let's learn how to say 'You never stop moaning!

There are lots of other interesting expressions, too, including: 'You didn't have to come, you know! It's summer vacation time. In this lesson, let's discover how to carry out a common task for tourists - to hire a car. We'll learn how to ask the basic questions related to this undertaking, as well as some more specific vocabulary including 'car insurance', 'driving licence', 'deposit', 'petrol', 'a refill of the tank ', and more. In the last lesson, we were talking about hiring a car.

Perhaps the first thing tourists to the French capital must think about is how best to get around. The number of hours worked per week by French employees has been a hot topic in France recently. Let's listen to a conversation between Christian and Marie in which Christian chastises Marie for not standing up to her boss and saying enough is enough …. Continuing our theme of the last lesson, this time we look at the promises made by President Sarkozy in relation to the environment during the run-up to the French presidential elections. We'll hear Jacques' and Laure's views on some of those promises, too….

It is perhaps the most hated word in the French language. So what about the delicate subject of personal hygiene? How do we discuss it in French? In this lesson we'll find out. Some people love them, others hate them.

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Still more cannot do without them. This month, Italy lost one of her great musicians and personalities in Luciano Pavarotti.

We'll learn how to say someone has passed away, how to say we miss someone, how to say 'it's sad that…', and more. C'est parti! In this, our 80th lesson, we talk about a change which will soon apply to all new French car registrations. In this lesson we talk about a recent court ruling in the U. This lesson is based on a request from one of our listeners who needed the assistance of a plumber while in France. So, what happens if the bath drain gets blocked? How do we convey this to the plumber? In the last lesson, we called a plumber and spoke to him over the phone.

It seems nobody can organise strikes quite like the French. In recent weeks, President Sarkozy has had his first real test since coming into office with the public transport system grinding to a halt. For now, though, the public are on his side — and the side of the government. But what about all those baby terms?

De quoi s'agit-il ?

We'll study lots of new vocabulary — discussing the breed of dog, commenting on his coat, describing his temperament, and more. Our lesson is in response to a suggestion from Alyssa, one of our listeners, who has relocated to Geneva… with her dog. Though France could not be described as a religious country, Christmas is widely celebrated in French towns and cities, with children eagerly anticipating the arrival of Santa Claus. But what about the vocabulary related to this festive season? Despite the fact that such events are becoming more anachronistic with each passing year, there is still no shortage of enthusiasm for events like the Miss France competition.

Beginner It has been a while since we have had a basic lesson so this lesson - our 90th lesson - is just that. This lesson centres on a job interview. We'll study the verbs 'to apply for ', 'to specialise' and 'to spread oneself too thin'; we'll also discover adjectives we might use about ourselves to emphasise why we're suited to a particular position. Let's get started….


It seems that one quick way of becoming a cult hero is to blow over 7 billion dollars on financial trading. This is a short lesson, for Beginners, to recap on one of the basics — numbers and counting. This lesson is in response to a listener who asked about getting fit, going to the gym, avoiding fast food and so on. Local and regional elections are about to take place in France.

It's all a little complicated, in fact. In this lesson - an advanced lesson completely in French!

This short lesson is a follow-on from lesson 93 on the numbers from 1 to This time, we'll proceed as far as the number We'll talk about the pride of the Chinese Olympic Committee, the views of certain sports delegations and an action taken by one american actor…. Zimbabwe is anxiously awaiting the results of presidential elections. Robert Mugabe, in power for the last 28 years, looks to be in trouble but shows no signs of giving up the reins of power easily.

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It is the story of France's best known singer — the artist who made 'Non, je ne regrette rien' an expression familiar to everyone. Hard though it is to believe, we have reached our hundredth lesson since we first started in June So, in this lesson, why not talk about anniversaries Let's start with a role-play between Marc and Sylvie One of our listeners asked: 'How do you complain about poor service? It all happened during this outing to a restaurant. Lessons 93 and 96 dealt with numbers from and , respectively.

This Beginner lesson will take us from 70 to , and beyond. We will then know virtually everything we need when dealing with numbers generally. In this lesson, lesson , we'll discover the vocabulary required to go on a shopping trip for inexpensive jewelry. Sophie wants to buy jewelry which will go with her outfit. Let's hear how her conversation with Jean unravels. The conversation begins at the shopping centre. Jean is starting out on the shopping trip, too, but he may not stand the pace for long Should we visit our GP or our physiotherapist? Kaleema, one of our listeners in the U. We'll discover that, like regular adjectives, possessive adjectives also must agree in number and gender with the nouns they qualify.

Let's go ahead and see how they work. In this lesson, lesson , our conversation centres on oil and, more significantly, the spiralling price of oil. The real race to the White House has begun, after a gruelling campaign for the Democrats. In this lesson, lesson , we discuss the rejection of the Lisbon Treaty by Irish voters, an event which dominated current affairs in Europe recently. This very complicated document, aimed at facilitating the functioning of the EU, will not come into force - at least not for now. So then, what next for Europe? One of our listeners in the U.

  1. Das privatrechtliche Handeln des Staates in der Schweiz (German Edition).
  2. Jetlag (French Edition)?
  3. Arbeit und Nicht-Arbeit: Entgrenzungen und Begrenzungen von Lebensbereichen und Praxen (German Edition).

One of our listeners asked for a lesson which would help when buying clothes. In this Beginner lesson — lesson — that will be the topic conversation. We'll discover how to ask for a garment one size larger or smaller, how to ask if we may try something on, how to say something suits or not, and more. Brian, one of our listeners in Canada, asked that we would do a lesson on the difficulties one experiences nowadays travelling.

In particular, the security issues at airports, whether people of colour encounter longer delays, and so on. One of our listeners, Corrine, asked that we would do a lesson on phrases a mum might need around the home with her children. Though the vocabulary is commonly used around the home, many of the expressions are quite tricky. In this lesson, lesson , we need to have a specific service carried out. That is, to have a puncture repaired. But the expressions used could just as easily apply to a variety of services. This lesson — lesson — is a short one.


We simply want to make an appointment to book our car into the local garage for a service. We'll learn the terms for 'car service' and 'additional costs', we'll make use of the verbs 'convenir', 'apporter' and 'amener', and finally, we'll pick up a term which French has borrowed from Italian.

In our last lesson, we booked our car in to the local garage for a service. This time — in lesson — the car is ready. We'll study the French for the adjectives 'rear' and 'front', the expressions 'to be all set', 'to stop at nothing' and 'to be thinking of [doing something]', the verbs 'to get', 'to pick up', 'to fill in' We'll study lots of interesting expressions, including 'to throw something at somebody', 'to hit the front pages', 'to take place', 'to do something on behalf of others', and more.

As a consequence of the global financial crisis, unemployment is at the top of the agenda. Being made redundant is one of the themes of this lesson, lesson A new sporting chapter has opened for Lance Armstrong, 7-time winner of the Tour de France. Surely it is a chapter which can only result in frustration for the American?

One or our listeners asked that we would do a lesson on renting an apartment. Though this lesson, lesson , has an Irish flavour, our dialogue relates to a quirky story which hit the headlines worldwide… at the expense of the Irish Prime Minister. One of our listeners asked that we would do a lesson on opening a bank account.