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German proverbs

Please log in or register to continue. Deso Dogg, who had ended his career as a rapper, was now hoping to become a martial arts star. His friends from Kreuzberg, who were there to support him, were shouting: Give him hell! Come on! But Deso Dogg was too slow and couldn't land a single punch with Ismail. Instead, he endured blow after blow, until he was lying on the floor, floundering like an upside down beetle.

When he stood up again, Ismail kneed him in the ribs, first with his left and then with his right leg, lifted him into the air, threw him to the ground and hit him in the face. It was a short fight, a few minutes of total humiliation. Many people commented on the video of the fight, which was available online. One person wrote: "A guy from Hamburg came and swept them all away, and like a lion in an encounter with gnus, he ripped them all apart.

Cetinkaya was long unaware of the fact that his former opponent had become radicalized. But then friends showed him posts on Facebook, in which people wrote that Deso Dogg had died in Syria, which quickly proved to be a false rumor. Cetinkaya was surprised that Deso Dogg was fighting for the Islamic State and the caliphate, because he remembered the look in the young man's eyes before the fight.

Today Deso Dogg is a propaganda hero for IS. The name given to him at birth was Denis Cuspert, but he now calls himself Abu Talha al-Almani, travels in off-road vehicles along country roads in Syria, goes to massacres and appears in video messages to jihadists and would-be jihadists. In one of those videos, he is kneeling in front of a waterfall. He fills his hands with water, throws it into the air and splashes it into his face, as if he were baptizing or purifying himself.

This is where you will find freedom! He laughs, and says: "You can really live here. It's fun here.


Jihad is a lot of fun! A new video surfaced three weeks ago. It depicts a scene in an empty, yellow desert somewhere in Syria.

By Theodor Nöldeke

The sun is shining. Men with bound hands are lying on their stomachs on the ground. They are conscious. Suddenly a hand appears and slits their throats with a knife, and blood gushes out. It is the first video of Deso Dogg that depicts a beheading. Previous videos had only showed the before and after shots of the killings. They got what they deserved. The jihadists shout: "Allahu akbar! The propaganda is working, because it targets young men who are susceptible to its message, young men like Kreshnik B.

The propaganda targets young men like David G. Or men like Mustafa K. He was overweight, did poorly in school and was ignored by women, a person who was often beaten up, drank too much and could be found sitting, drunk, in a kebab shop on the market square in the early morning hours. According to German law enforcement officials, of these men have left German cities to go to war in Syria and Iraq.

Their fight is dubbed a "holy war" in the West, even though there is not a single verse of the Koran in which the words "holy" and "war" appear together. Most of the travelers don't speak Arabic, have read very little of the Koran and have rarely understood it. They followed friends, imams and recruiters. They wanted to be heroes, protectors of the weak, of brothers and sisters threatened by Syrian President Bashar Assad's poison gas, which they call the "gas of the West.

Some of them are underdogs from nondescript suburbs, but some are also mechanical engineers. The underdogs are particularly important for terrorist organizations like Islamic State, because their stories are meant to show that even a loser can be someone -- not in Dinslaken or Berlin, but with the jihadists in Iraq and Syria -- even if most of those mentioned in the media eventually die a so-called martyr's death.

Das Leben des Propheten Mohammed

They leave behind video messages and horrified Germans who believe that what is happening there has something to do with Islam, and that a warlike religion is threatening the West with barbarism and Medieval-style executions. The poster boys of this evil are men like Deso Dogg. Today Denis Cuspert is something of a pop star, appearing in more videos than his former rival, German rapper Bushido. He was never interested in making a lot of money or driving expensive cars.

He wanted people to know him, perhaps fear him and certainly admire him. He wanted to be a role model. Cuspert wanted respect. A German-French classical scholar, born at Frankfort-on-the-Main.

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The quaint old town lies in agreeable surroundings on the Ilm. The Stadtkirche, dating from , rises in the middle of Weimar. On the east side of the town looms the grand ducal palace, an interesting edifice, begun in , and constructed under Goethe's supervision.

Waraqa ibn Nawfal Was No Supporter of Muhammad's Prophethood

Near the palace is the modern building completed in , and devoted to the preservation of the precious and extensive Goethe and Schiller archives. South of the palace is the fine library, with over , volumes and more than maps. Southwest of the palace, in the market place, rises the striking Gothic town hall, with the remarkable house of the two Cranachs close at hand. Not far distant is the Schiller house, owned by the municipality since In front of the Court theatre, which bears such high repute, is the great bronze Goethe-Schiller monument, by Rietschel.

Theodor Nöldeke

It was unveiled in Toward the southern part of the town is the famous Goethe home, where the poet lived. It is open to the public as the Goethe National Museum. In the cemetery on the southern edge of Weimar are buried Goethe and Schiller. To the east lies the beautiful park through which the Ilm flows. Weimar has among its many public and special schools a good art school, dating from With it are connected several names prominent in the German art world.