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When we were young, your mother and I longed to travel. We couldn't, because of your heart. I know. Tall, small? Fair, dark? So, now Some Fridays, Amelie sees a movie. I like looking back at people's faces in the dark. I like noticing details that no one else sees You know, you're a very beautiful woman, Ellie. Amelie has no boyfriend.

She tried once or twice, but the results were a letdown. You don't even know her. It's the mystery. Martin's Canal. He's an artist. They call him "the Glass Man.

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He was born with bones as brittle as crystal. Is he stewing a pig? All his furniture is padded. He's studying art!


A handshake could crush his fingers. He's stayed inside for twenty years. Time has changed nothing. Amelie still seeks solitude. She amuses herself with silly questions Even artichokes have hearts! Finally, on August 30, Lady Di, Princess of Wales Only the discoverer of Tutankhamen's tomb Your Adrien. Remember, my love? On August 31st at a. Wherever he was, she would find the box's owner If he was touched, she'd become a regular do-gooder.

We don't see much of you. Would you know of a boy who lived in my flat in the Fifties? A boy? Have a glass of port. Close the door. I've known so many. They're cute I've known so many boys. When did you come here? In ' You'll have heard the story? I'm amazed. Sit down. Wells, we recently recovered a mailbag My husband worked for Ladybird Insurance. It's no secret he slept with his secretary. They used every hotel around. Not cheap ones, either. The bimbo liked spreading her legs I can't sleep, can't eat Off they flew to Panama.

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Drink up. On January 20, Your everloving Adrien. Black Lion died of heartbreak. Poor creature. See how lovingly he stares at his master? I'll read you his letters. Don't go! You can spare 5 minutes. He wrote this from the Army camp. That's me--Madeleine. In brackets--"the one you think is too transparent. Did anyone ever write you like that? I'm nobody's little weasel. My name is Madeleine Wells. Madeleine, like Mary Magdalene.

Lady Di! Give it a rest! She wept, right? Wells, as in water. Talk about being born to cry! He's lived here all his life. Hello, Amelie-mellow! You were perfect. A fig and three nuts, as usual? Who lived in my flat in the Fifties? What was their name?

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The harm's done. You've got me there, dear.

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In , I was two-- the mental age of a cretin. The "cretin" is Lucien. He's no genius, but Amelie likes him. She likes the way It's his way of showing Amelie can only see two explanations.

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Look at him! Like he's nursing a baby bird!

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Don't ask him for currants. You'd be here till Monday! Get moving, spastic! She hasn't got all day! Go see my mother.

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She has an elephant's memory. Elephant mom! Thank you. The name you're after. But if I say it, it won't count. I'm senile. Ignore him.